May 29, 2013

How to Change Your Old Beliefs with Positive Beliefs

How to Change Beliefs

How to Change Beliefs Beliefs are human operating systems that shape our world. They are the conclusions we hold in the depth of our conscious mind that drives our attitude and behaviour daily. Beliefs are useful at the time they are created; the problem is that they can manipulate you to express them in ways that can sabotage your entire life until you are able to remove them or replace them.

Human beings have fundamental beliefs that drive their attitude and determine what they succeed at. If you’re like most people, you have strong desire to accomplish great goals, you want to create better life for you and the people you love; You want to make big impact to your world and fulfill your mission. If you really want this, then you must change your beliefs so they will work for you instead of against you. The downside is that there’s no known mechanism for measuring right or wrong belief. They gain immediate access each time they knock on the door of our minds.

Imagine visiting the United Kingdom for the first time en route Heathrow airport or Gatwick; you could be turned back by the immigration officers on duty if they’re not satisfied with your travel documents, right? This rule does not apply to our belief system. You can not measure belief at its point of entry into your mind; in fact before you remember to do that, it had already taken hold of you.

Although beliefs serve us, the problems is that:

  • 1. While we can remove or replace them, on their own they don’t leave or expire.
  • Most people are vulnerable to it because they can be indoctrinated on us by anyone without our permission. We see this happen with parents, teachers, religious priests, government, economy, society, friends, or spouses.
  • 2. The beliefs you hold condition you behavior and produce specific experience that creates your reality.
  • 3. People get stuck with any belief that keeps them surviving at anything they’re doing as long as they get the results they want.

We’re in an era when circumstances around us force us to believe more negative things that hold us back from making progress than positive things. In my coaching work, I come across leaders who believed they couldn’t succeed because “no one achieves success in the right way,” so they believed that to achieve success was a wrong strategy.  They tell you that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” (which is literally true), but in a way, they interpreted it wrongly and believed it to mean that you have to work hard, hard, hard to be able to succeed. I do not know about you, but many people in every walk of life struggle because of their limiting beliefs. Even the belief that “there’s something wrong with me” is enough to stop you from making progress until you change it.

If you’re a business owner, an executive, a parent or student, you may have been shut down many times by your inner critics, which often stop people from going about making difference in their lives for fear of failure or rejection. Does it happen to you? Have you tried to replace old beliefs after having an inspiring discussion with a friend or returned from a training program only to encounter serious internal conflicts on the inside of you?

Believes can be elusive. Since they appear more as feelings than words or things you can see or touch, it makes it possible to build up. But trouble starts the moment you make a decision to change something that would potentially move your life forward. That’s when the old beliefs rise up to confront the new belief. They question the authenticity of your new belief and ask questions like “what makes you think you can achieve that now?” This is what happens each time we want to use our creativity or explore an idea to make impact in the world.

How to Change Your Belief

People often find it difficult to accept that they are responsible for creating their own reality. But here’s the truth; everything that has happened to you up and until now, including your feelings, experiences and circumstances has been created by you. Majority of them were created at the root of your subconscious beliefs, not deliberately.

The good news is that you can change any belief that disempowers you. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been there, as long as you created them (by believing them), you can dis-create or eliminate them completely. To be able to change a belief, you first need to dis-create it otherwise; you’d cause some internal belief conflicts when you introduce a new one.

There are many tools you can use to manage your belief system or eliminate them completely. The result you achieve depends very much on the tool or process available to you. In this article, I’m going to discuss one of the processes known as affirmation.


Affirmation tool uses positive statements made with confidence about a perceived truth to reprogram our minds to believe in new concepts. In my book, The ART of Achievement and Fulfillment – Fundamental Principles to OVERCOME Obstacles and Turn Dream Into Reality, I elaborated on the fact that our subconscious minds do not understand the difference between right or wrong beliefs. So every time you make an affirmation, positive or negative, your subconscious mind accepts it and work with it. Sometimes you see some people watch a movie and laugh or cry; the reason they do that is because their subconscious cant make a difference between reality and play. So it accepts anything you allow to be dumped on it.

To replace old beliefs by affirmation, you need to make a list of the old beliefs first. Then write an affirmation on the new beliefs you want to take on. Be sure to find the correct vocabulary that would make more impact in replacing the old beliefs. For example, instead of saying “I’m worthy,” you can say, “I’m a sacred and worthy being.” Then speak out the affirmation loud three times a day for about five minutes each time.

It’s been observed that it could be more ideal to carry out this exercise during your make-up or shaving times, just at a time you could look yourself up in the mirror. You can also anchor your affirmation into your body by placing your hand on the area of the body that feels the most situation while saying your affirmation. As you do this, be sure to believe in your new ideal and try moving away from the old belief into new.


Affirmations are great tools but they don’t always work for everyone. The reason is that most beliefs are created at the root of the subconscious mind and require a tool that goes deeper to the root to delete or remove them completely before they can be replaced. In my life-transforming training retreat, The Success Factor, I teach participants how to change beliefs using more advanced tool. During this life-changing training, we work through the process of removing disempowering believes completely from the deepest level of the subconscious mind and replace them with beliefs that serve them.

I designed The Success Factor to help people recreate their personal and professional lives, discover their mission, develop new success skills and emerge with new mindset to move from where they are to where they want to be. If you’d like more information about The Success Factor, go here.

If you have any question about beliefs or how to become a high performance achiever, feel free to leave your question below or email me at

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